• Tiffany Monet Collins

    Take a brief glance into what makes marketing my passion.

  • About Me

    Hi there! I'm an action-oriented marketing manager with a SaaS and IoT background and an entrepreneurial spirit that has been instrumental in developing a customer referral program, leading integrated marketing campaigns, and managing product project timelines across departments. Often a marketing team of one, I enjoy taking on new projects that can help me to pull rich insights to better align the business' growth to the customers’ needs. My one piece of advice for businesses: invest in a marketing automation platform and use it to its full extent; don't let it collect digital dust.


    I have substantial experience in creating strategies across various market segments; from sweeping brand awareness in a big city to highly targeted audiences in the suburbs. It takes much more than throwing money behind a campaign to make a strategy work. I know blogging every day just for the sake of it is bound to hurt your brand if not planned around the use cases that bring and keep loyal customers in Salesforce. And if you're not tracking this all with at least Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you're behind that ever-evolving definition of marketing in 2018.


    For example, in spring 2018, I went to San Francisco for Marketo’s renowned Marketing Nation Summit, where they premiered the awards for the Marketo Fearless 50. Leaders from all levels of experience and backgrounds shared their stories of what made them fearless in an industry where the smallest bump in a campaign can be seen by millions. In the end, I saw that despite the evolution marketing is going through, two "As" stand the test of time: always delight your customers and always be learning. These two As keep me driven and passionate about marketing year after year. (Yes, even despite GDPR!)

  • Projects

    A small selection of my favorites

    B2B2C: Realtors and property taxes

    I created a campaign to target the national reach of a key real estate partnership. Working with the creative department, this video quickly became a reality for a B2B2C strategy that incorporated emails, blogs, and social media.

    Revivals: blog, email, website, & more

    I've seen enough digital dust on a website to make the healthiest of chat bots sneeze. I jump in and spruce up companies' digital footprint with clear content strategy and creativity.

  • Marketing Background

    From the floor of a Memphis newsroom to Chicago's booming tech industry...


    A growing list.

    Technology: Automated Marketing Platforms, (Marketo & HubSpot) Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords, HTML, CSS. Familiar with Python, Photoshop, and InDesign

    Transferable: Copywriting, SEO, SEM, Brand Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media Campaigns & Management, Customer Research, Blogging, Technical Writing, Event Planning, Trade Show Planning, Video Editing


    Another growing  list.


    A well-rounded list.

    Marketing automation strategies, digital analytics, social media networking, content strategies, chat bots, Chicago's growing tech industry, tennis, volleyball, Michigan Football, Michigan Marching Band, Marvel Comics, supporting the fine and not-so-fine arts

  • Recommendations

    Some of the people who like me and my work

    Michael Oleshko

    Lead Creative at TurboAppeal

    Tiffany is a true professional in the world of marketing. From the moment she started at TurboAppeal, I was highly impressed with the amount of knowledge she had, and her passion and drive to put systems and campaigns into motion. Not only is she dedicated to her work, she is dedicated to the team she works with. I continue to be amazed at the knowledge she possess each day I work with her. Tiffany is smart, funny, upbeat, and understands the many parts of the brand and company goals.

    Erin Quiggle

    Legal Administrator at

    Moll Law Group

    After having the pleasure to work with Tiffany I know what a hard working, creative writer she is. She implemented our current blog and newsletter from the bottom up, all while redesigning our website seamlessly. She has a warm and friendly demeanor in the office and always brings a light and fun attitude. Tiffany has been a great & influential addition to our team.

    Badal Shah

    CEO & Co-Founder at TurboAppeal

    Tiffany is a very skilled and proactive marketing talent. Tiffany displayed a great willingness to continue to learn and expand her skill sets in digital marketing and content, making her an extremely versatile individual that is a tremendous asset to any marketing organization. In addition to her dedication to her passion, Tiffany is a great team player and always leads with a positive attitude. She has shown positivity during times of adversity and the willingness to help in areas outside of her specific job description, consistently. I highly recommend Tiffany, she was a true pleasure to work with.

  • Thought of the moment:

    “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”
    —John Steinbeck, East of Eden​​

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